AnkiBuddy - Custom Practice [Official thread]

I’ve made this add-on for myself and I’ve been using it for a while to do extra quizzing outside of my scheduled review. It does multiple choice, matching, and written answers similar to Quizlet or Duolingo, but it uses info from your Anki deck. I’ve finally cleaned it up and made some improvements, maybe it will be useful to some other people.

This is the support thread, you can post here for help or to discuss suggestions for the add-on. The Github issue tracker is the best place to submit issues with the add-on or otherwise ask for help or make suggestions. Thank you!

Add-on page: AnkiBuddy - Custom Practice - AnkiWeb
Github: GitHub - axelmoreen/AnkiBuddy

You can post links. I’m curious about your addon!

Thanks!, there was a limitation imposed by the forums since I was a brand new account, but I’ve edited it with the links now.

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A question, I’m thinking of making multiple cards in a multiple question due to tests. Would it be possible with your add-on? Something similar to this add-on Multiple Choice for Anki - AnkiWeb I hope I was clear. It was translated by Google.

Hi, this add-on lets you do that! It will automatically create multiple choice problems on your behalf, using random cards from the deck. There is no way to manually set the answers, though, like in that plugin you sent. This plugin also does not create a deck and there is no spaced-repetition scheduling.