Add-on for "multiple-choice quizzes" like this


I’d like to create multiple-choice quizzes like the below screenshots, but it seems Anki can’t do it currently and no add-ons exist for that. I’ve tried a few add-ons, but none of them can’t create a quiz like this with a switch box form that clicks the correct answer.
I have many quizzes and tests on paper and like to import and create them in Anki to review them better. I don’t think creating an add-on like this is a complicated job for a developer and I wonder why nobody creates a cool add-on to do this kind of test.
If a talented developer sees this post, please consider this and try to create a cool, simple add-on for this “multiple choice quiz”.


You could try this add-on: Multiple Choice for Anki - AnkiWeb

It has many downvotes, but I have used it for more than one year and never had any problem.
If I remember correctly, the add-on’s only function is to download the notetype and to ease the configuration. As all of the important code is stored in the card template, the notetype does not actually need the add-on to be used, and works on mobile as well.

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I have this add-on and tested it before. Regardless of many downvotes, I can’t understand the scoring, when I select the correct answer, it highlighted the other options in “green” color as well, while they should be colored in “red” and when I click a wrong option (of 5 options), it shows 60% correct answers with wrong and correct options highlighted in red. It’s a bit confusing.

Another problem I have with this and asked here is it doesn’t show options until I click the “Sync” button and then options appear!

Would you post a screenshot of one of the notes that doesn’t seem to work correctly?


I have just one note and haven’t started to create more notes from this add-on, because that primary issue that said, but in this example you can see it:

I’ve tried your add-on and sample deck, they are cool. I suggest adding “switch boxes” or “check boxes” besides available options for a future update to be similar like those screenshots that I posted.

If the expected answer is Q_3 Holy Grail, everything seems to be configured correctly.

That is the default behaviour. Maybe setting answerColoring to ALTERNATE_COLORING would work better for you.

I have never experienced the same exact issue, so I am not sure. Can you still reproduce it in the latest version?
The only way I can reproduce something similar is by editing the note when reviewing, after having already flipped the card.

I am not sure about the exact technicalities, but I think it is because the notetype heavily relies on JavaScript, and the code is run when loading the front side of the card (the script is then made “persist” when flipping to the back side).
If you edit the note after having already flipped the card, when you close the Editor Anki will only reload the back side of the card. So the JavaScript that was run when loading the front of the card will miss its trigger and will be lost.
Reloading the whole card (e.g. by syncing, as you did, or clicking S and then Study now) will fix it. Any following cards should work correctly even without reloading.

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The add-on is the work of hengiesel and the sample deck that of kleinerpirat. You can leave suggestions for the add-on in the support thread.

I saw the configuration and didn’t change it and I expect just the correct answer to be green and the color red for the rest. As you experienced, even the wrong option is highlighted with green and I don’t know why it uses this default coloring, while they can be in “red” and just show the correct answer in “green” with the selected “switch box” and when I pick up wrong answer the “answers” should be set to “zero”, but it shows 60% correct answers that make me confusing.

Since two or three previous versions, I have had this issue, currently, I installed 2.1.56 QT5 on Windows x64 and haven’t updated to 2.1.57 yet, and don’t think will be fixed by 2.1.57. Maybe this issue comes from somewhere else.

Yes, you are right, I added more notes and had to click the “Sync” button just for the first note to see options, and didn’t reproduce the issue for the next notes this time and options show normally. Good point and cool, Thank you, man.

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Okay, thank you for reminding me.