[Multiple Choice add-on] Should click "Sync" button to see options!?


I’d like multiple choices/questions, so went to create some ones and started with the “Multiple Choices” add-on. I click the "Study Now" button, but just show me the “title” and “question” fields of this add-on. No options to pick up one. I should click the “Sync” button once to show off choices!? it’s weird! I use 2.1.54 Qt5.

Why it makes me click the “Sync” button to show me choices to choose the answer? Is it a bug for this add-on or not compatible correctly with the version? It seems the rest is okay and didn’t see or get an error, but this one. I expect when I start to study, it shows "questions with choices, not question only.

What’s the better option and add-on for crating multiple choices? Also, I’ve tried “Multiple Choice Support” but I had problem with it too and it’s confusing a bit, so couldn’t find “Add-on UI dialog box” according to on its page.
Do we have a better add-on that I’m not aware of it?