[ Multiple Choice ] - Confusing result and color


Q 1:

Multiple Choice add-on gives me a strange result that’s confusing for me. In my example test (screenshot #1). While I picked up the wrong choice (Obi-Wan), the result gave me “Correct Answers: 60%”!? I’m confused with the result. Where comes from that 60% for my wrong choice? I expected 0% for my result, not 60%

The guide on the add-on page says:

The question type can be selected with the field “QType”. It can be either 0 (Kprim), 1 (Multiple Choice) or 2 (Single Choice).

…and as you see in my screenshot (Screenshot # 2), I insert “2” number for just a single choice. So just one of the choices should be correct.

Q 2:

As you see again in screenshot #1, The wrong choices highlight with green color and the correct one (Lord Vader) highlight with red. The colors are confusing for me.

I need it highlights just the correct answer as the only correct choice with green color, highlight the wrong choice with red color, and then highlight the rest wrong ones with another color. Of course, I see it shows the correct answer (Lord Vader) with a marked radio button, but I’d like the correct choice highlight with green color, instead of red while it’s correct.

Thank you!