ANKI cards not showing options in macbook


I downloaded my cards from ankiweb in my macbook.But all the cards of multiple answer type is not showing options.Please help!

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 8.57.44 AM

Perhaps the card is relying on one particular add-on? Please send the link to the shared deck in order to help you.


I am sharing one of the decks .It works fine on ankidroid and ankiweb but not on mac

I see. The template is using JavaScript. So it is not relying on an add-on. I don’t own a Mac computer so I cannot test it myself there. It is not working for me on Windows either. Perhaps is depending on Anki version? The card is updated recently, but maybe the author is not using the same version of Anki.

I made all my cards on ankidroid in mobile

What should I do ? Please help

hi.Can you please help

The JavaScript included in your note template seems to be incompatible with Anki’s current webview. If you know the author of that note type, you could ask him for help since he should know his code best.

Please note that JavaScript is not officially supported:

Because Javascript is an advanced feature and so many things can go wrong, Javascript functionality is provided without any support or warranty . We can not provide any assistance with writing Javascript, and can not guarantee any code you have written will continue to work without modification in future Anki updates. If you are not comfortable addressing any issues you encounter on your own, then please avoid using Javascript.

If I have some spare time on the weekend, I can send you a better note type for multiple choice questions.

thank you.:):slight_smile:

As promised, I have created a multiple choice note type for you.

Disclaimer: For AnkiDroid, you need the current Alpha release or simply wait for the next update on the PlayStore.

The note type works by using the templating language add-on Closet.

How to use it

Even though I could have reduced the amount of fields to 4 by using separators, I decided to keep your choices within multiple fields. You’re more used to it and why would I change a running system :slight_smile:
Should you run out of fields, you can still enter multiple answers/distractors into a single field by separating them with ||
Like this:

Here is an updated version of the note type: Multiple Choice Note Type - AnkiWeb
It uses a mixed approach (multiple answer/distractor fields) because it was easier to convert OP’s note types that way.

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hi,thank you so much for the help.but I am unable to understand what i have to do after step 1.I am a total noob here