I messed up with VPN and got "network error 10061"

I am suffering form the network error 10061 when sync Anki.

Following the post " [A network error occurred - please help!]"
, I find out that I AM using a proxy server for my LAN.

I switched to the sugguested choice " Automatically detect settings". It doesn’t fix Anki’s sync problem in my case.

Then I found that my VPN doesn’t work any more.

After rebooting my PC, I noticed that I can’t choose the sugguested choice " Automatically detect settings" for long, since my VPN app would automatically change it every time I use it. It makes the Proxy-server-setting more suspectable.

Maybe I should figure out a way to let the Anki know the proxy server settings? Would it sync normally after that…

Better to ask in your VPN forum/customer support for help

Firewall/VPN resources in Anki docs

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