Network connectivity issues

First, thanks so much to all the developers who ensure that Anki runs so smoothly.

I’m running 2.1.22 (0ecc189a) on Windows 10. For the past week and a half, I’ve been experiencing odd syncing issues. Every now and then, the app fails to sync the media and throws up the following error message:

“Error details: ⁨error sending request for url (): error trying to connect: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. (os error 10054)⁩”

I can usually re-sync it manually, but it takes several tries. Once I restart the app, I get this message on occasions:

“Connection timed out. Either your internet connection is experiencing problems, or you have a very large file in your media folder”

Now, I haven’t configured my firewall or proxy settings and all other internet based apps work just fine. I found this thread on the old anki forum, where a similar problem seems to occur. Damien Elmes then thought that that was a server-side issue. Is it possible that mine is something similar? Thanks so much!

If you’re using VPN, try to turn it off.

That looks more like network problems or your VPN/firewall/antivirus than a server issue I’m afraid.