Os error 10054 in syncing anki desktop and ankiweb

I have tried syncing anki desktop and ankiweb and it only appears an error message: os error 10054.
When I try to access to ankiweb using chrome, it appears an error message about the proxy and firewall. It happens only in Chrome. There is no problem in other explorers as Firefox.
Thank you very much

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Thank you very much. I have been reading a lot trying to find a solution to my problem. Since three days ago, I can not synchronise anki desktop with ankiweb. It always appears; error 100054. I can not access to any web of anki using Chrome (but I can do it with other explorers) . The problem started after installing some addons. I have tried many things:

  1. turning off the firewall,the antivirus, and the vpn (all of them from Kaspersky)
  2. changing the preferred explorer of the system (Windows 10)
  3. installing several times the last anki software and also chrome
  4. eliminating all the addons in anki.
    I don’t know what else I can do.
    Please, help.@discobot

The problem was a trojan through an addon of Anki. Be very careful with the addons.

What brings you to this conclusion?

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After installing some addons, Anki and Chrome started to fail. My computer was analyzed by an specialist for trying to solve these problems, and found a trojan.

If you found the specific add-on causing this, please let us know.

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