How to upgrade Anki desktop on old Lubuntu 32-bit laptop?

I have anki 2.0.52 installed on Lubuntu and I am unable to sync anki. I get the following msg which I know to be untrue:

Syncing failed:

Error establishing a secure connection. This is usually caused by antivirus, firewall or VPN software, or problems with your ISP.

I tried installing anki 2.1.38 on Jan 2 2021 (followed instructions on website) but it wouldn’t run, gave an error because hardware is 32-bit architecture, not 64 bit.

Is there a way I can upgrade AND sync my decks?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @pgo,

I’m afraid the last version that is currently working on 32-bit systems is 2.1.35.

See this post for the technical details:


Will try installing the 2.1.35, from 2.0.52.
will let you know how that goes… :crossed_fingers: