How to "force" importing duplicates w/ different tags?

Hi !
Sorry if my problem is very easy to solve, I’m a bit new to Anki.

So, I want to import multiple cards from a .tsv file containing 2 fields: the front of the card itself as a simple “prompt” and a tag.
I was testing around, importing multple cards at once processing tag after tag. Sometimes, a same prompt appears under different tags.

My problem is, when a new card is being imported from a .tsv file, if the front text is the same as a previously imported card, it is simply being ignored, even if the tags are different.

I would need the card to be imported anyways, even if its contents are the same as those of another card. Or even better, I would need the duplicate’s tag added to the original card’s tag. So I don’t have a duplicate, but one card with 2 tags. I don’t know if I make sense, sorry XD Maybe I should give you an example.

Let’s say I’m importing a bunch of new cards under the tag “introspection”. And there is this card, “what I am grateful for lately ?” which is exactly the same as one I previously added to my deck, but under the tag “relationships”. The new card will simply be ignored because it is considered a duplicate.

But when I want to do some introspection (so I’d select the tag “introspection”), I expect the card “What am I grateful for lately ?” to show up eventually. Which will not be the case !

I know I wouldn’t have this problem by creating multiple decks instead of a single one and using multiple tags, but I found it more convenient this way. Could someone help me ?

Thank you and sorry for the messy explanation ahaha