How to create a card with 1 question and 3 answers

i created a japanese dictionnary with french and japanese but i want 3 responses now, one in romaji, one in hiragana and one with kanjis, how can i do that please ?

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i’m also trying to generate sounds but i get this error:

please help :slight_smile:

Each note type has its own template(s) called card types. If you press the “cards…” button in the browser then you can edit and add new card types.

As you can see, my geography deck has cards for the flag, map, Capital and country on different templates. The options dropdown on the top right is where you can add more templates and the bottom “add field” button may be helpful if you are new to making cards.


thanks for you help, but i don’t understand how to import 2000 cards i created in an excel sheet.
so i have : 1) french 2) romaji 3) hiragana 4) kanjis 5) an exemple sentence,
i want that my cards show on recto french, on verso 2) romaji 3) hiragana 4) kanjis 5) an exemple sentence,
how can i do that step by step ? do i need a greffon ?
i installed “Japanese Support” but it doesn’t appears when i clic on add …

You shouldn’t need any add-ons (greffon) for this. The basic note type isn’t going to be a good fit for your data. First you need to make one that will be. It should have all the fields that you want included (even if they aren’t what you are studying like the example sentences). So instead of one field called “recto” and another called “verso” you have one for each thing (French, romanji, hiragana, kanji, example sentence, audio).

Here are the fields of my French and Japanese vocabulary decks as an example, although you don’t need it to be as complex:

One you have a note type with all the fields that you want from the spreadsheet you go to “file”, “import” and select the spreadsheet. Then you choose what columns of spreadsheet go in what fields and other setting based on what you want.

Once you have all the data on your notes you can choose what cards the notes make like in my first post. So one card could show you the French on the front and the romanji on the back and another could have the kana on the back.


thanks you so much, it’s working :smiley:

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i now want to add a sound button, because on my cellphone it doesn’t appears directly, how can i do that please ?

You’re a fast leaner! I was expecting the ‘card types’ templates was going to cause difficulties.

As for this sound issue, I don’t have much to go on. Are you using Androids AnkiDroid or IOS AnkiMobile? I’m only familiar with AnkiDroid where sound files automatically get sound buttons. AnkiDroids built in TTS doesn’t get buttons though.

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actually i’m using the androids version on my xiaomi redmi lite 10, but i don’t get any button, i have to go on top right “…” button and select “play sound again”, i saw some package (that someone else did) with a real button , but i don’t know how to do it.
thanks again for support

No problem, Glad to help.

If you are using the TTS in the settings of AnkiDroid then that’s how it works. There won’t be a button as it’s not done with a sound file.
If you have media files (mp3, wav, etc.) for the sound then I’m not sure why it’s not working.