Creating THREE cards at once


I’ve been playing with Anki for a couple of months but I’m completely stumped by this question: how can I create three cards at once?

These are the three cards:

  1. one card for English to French (eg Anki shows me the word “yes”, I think of the answer, then it shows me “oui”)
  2. one card for French to English (eg Anki shows me the word “non”, I think of the answer, then it shows me “no”)
  3. one card for English to written French (eg Anki shows me the word “yes” and prompts me to type the French word, then it shows me “oui”. )

I can use the “basic (and reversed card)” Note Type in order to achieve cards 1 and 2.

I can use the “Basic (type in the answer)” Note Type to get card 3.

And I guess I could then merge these three cards into a single deck. But it means I have to create two decks ( the “reverse” deck and the “type-in” deck), which means I enter the words into two different places and record the audio twice too.

Is there any way to do this only once? To create a Note Type that, when used, will create all three cards at once?

I really want to start using Anki, but this is a real stumbling block for me. A little help, please?

Thank you so very much!


P.S. by the way, it is VERY cool the way Anki shows you what you typed and also what you should have typed. Really cool.

This is possible.

Please read Getting Started - Anki Manual (Notes & Fields) and Getting Started - Anki Manual (Card types) for some background.

Create a new note type (Adding/Editing - Anki Manual), based on Basic (and reversed card).

Create two fields: “English” and “French”.

Then edit the cards associated with this notetype by clicking on cards.

There should be two cards already:

English → French (front contains {{English}}, back {{French}})
French → English (front contains {{French}}, back {{English}})
Create a third card by choosing Options on the upper right.
Insert {{English}} in the empty template for the front side and {{type:French}} for the back side.

Based on one note containing the two fields “English” and “French” you generated three different cards (English → French, French → English, Englisch → French (type-in).


Hi Ferophila,

thanks so very much for your prompt answer and for your detailed instructions.

I followed them and it got me most of the way there… and I’ve just spent a couple of hours taking the next steps… and I’m so close I can almost taste it… but there’s a bug.

I added three words using my new NoteType. Anki reports there are FIVE new cards (not 9… although 9 cards are visible when I browse the deck), and it only prompts me to learn 5 cards.

I exported my test deck - I thought maybe you could spot the error - but I cannot attach it here…

I opened the deck (browse) and set the duedate to 0, and now Anki sees 9 cards, so maybe that’s a viable work-around.

I really want to get going with this because I suspect that I’m going to love playing with it - Anki seems incredibly flexible, like you can change ANYTHING. Really cool.

I guess this work-around can do for now - thanks again for your help, I feel really positive about this!




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