3 languages vocabulary

Translating 3 languages into one another

Hi everyone. Happy New Year. I need to learn vocabulary in 3 different languages and be able to translate each word/expression into the other 2 (A to B, B to A, A to C, C to A, C to B and B to C). Should I create 3 reverse cards for each word (A/B/A - A/C/A - B/C/B) or is there a way of obtaining the same thing with only one card and 3 fields? Thanks a lot :grinning: :

You can use a single note type with 6 card types, each one testing for a combination.

You can design your card templates like this:


B: {{A}}



This tests for the A-B combination. The other card types will be as simple as this.
The “B:” part here is what tells you what language you have to recall here.

You can create a new note type from Tools > Manage Note Types.
If you’re not familiar with card templates, I recommend reading the Card Templates sections of the manual.

Another simpler option is to just create 3 notes using the basic reversed note type as you said.


Here’s a sample notetype using the languages German, English and French: Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform

Just rename the fields to your desired languages and you’re good to go.


Thanks a lot. I’ll have a look right away.