How to change Chinese characters to Japanese?

I have this issue

Does Ankidroid support japanese fonts as in wanikani?

I’ve no root and don’t want to change OS language to Japanese.

Any solution or should i report the bug? If so, then where do it better: here in suggestion or github?

Screenshot_2020-09-22-12-18-11-206_com.ichi2.anki Screenshot_2020-09-22-12-18-48-309_com.mindtwisted.kanjistudy

Some people set their font to an explicitly Japanese one. But since you have to know which fonts those are and which of them are available on your various devices, I prefer another approach:
Add the attribute lang=“ja-jp” to your HTML tags that contain the Japanese.


Note that it is also possible to export fonts to the media collection and sync them across all devices. An example of a deck that does that is the Recognition RTK deck:

This way you don’t have to worry about which font is available on which system, but loading the cards can take a tad bit longer depending on the device and used Anki/AnkiDroid/AnkiMobile version.

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