Japanese fonts changed in 2.1.29

I’m using Anki for Mac to learn Japanese. I see that the font for Japanese characters seemed to change starting in version 2.1.29. It is substantially different enough to cause me to be confused about writing out Kanji characters. It’s quite possible that either font is correct to Japanese speakers (and writers) but I’m not sure. However the previous font is definitely more common, as it’s the way that characters are shown in all of the Japanese apps on Mac and iPhone (including web browsers on Japanese sites). Is there a way to change it back? I’m attaching a screen shot of a card Anki 2.1.30 beta 1, and also a dictionary site in Safari with the same word.

(Hm it doesn’t let me post the second screenshot but you can see it at this URL: https://jisho.org/search/裁判所 )

Trying again. I’m uploading one screen shot showing both fonts. You can pretty easily see the substantial difference between the two fonts.

You probably need to adjust the font specified in your card template to explicitly specify a Japanese font. You can do so by clicking Cards… in the editor and then using Add Field, followed by removing the old field reference.

Damien - Thanks, that worked! The default Japanese font seems to be “Hiraginu Sans” btw.

Thanks again for the awesome support.