Anki Version ⁨2.1.62 isn't displaying Japanese fonts

Hi. I exported tab delimited Japanese and English text out of Quizlet into a Notepad file and from there into Anki Version ⁨2.1.62. During the import I could see the Japanese and English words in 2 columns and the Japanese text was displaying fine. But when I (re)named the deck and began to learn with it, the Japanese text didn’t display. I just saw a series of ?s. What do I have to do to get Anki to display Japanese characters (hiragana, katakana, kanji)? Thanks in advance for your help.

If it displays correctly in the card browser or in the editor window, maybe there’s something wrong with the card template. Maybe try to temporarily remove everything from the Styling section to see if it makes any difference.

Alternatively, maybe try to import it with Quizlet to Anki 2.1 Importer with audio support - AnkiWeb


It sounds like it could be a font issue. Check to see if a font is defined in the styling section or on the card templates. If there is one, you should make sure that font is in the media folder. One of the most commonly used fonts that works well with Japanese is Noto Sans Japanese.


Thanks for your reply. I tried using the add-on to import directly from Quizlet, but I got an error saying that the card deck was private, even though I had created it and had set view access to “everyone”. Any idea what can cause that issue? Regarding “styling section”, I don’t know what or where that is. I used the Quizlet export function to copy the data into Notepad adn it displayed just fine in Notepad. Then I used the Import function under Anki File menu to pull the data into Anki and the hiragana initially displayed in Anki showing what had been imported. It was only when I tried to start using the cards that the hiragana didn’t display. I only saw ?s on the hiragana side of the card. When I imported already created decks from other users, I didn’t have any trouble using these decks, so there is something wrong with the deck I exported from Quizlet.

Thanks for your reply. I am new to Anki. Can you tell me how to get to the styling section and define a font?

This might help you: Anki Manual - Styling & HTML. It goes through the basics of using CSS to style a card, and has an example of making a style that defines a font.
If you are unable to install a font, or want to be able to export the font with your deck, Installing Fonts might be a helpful section of the manual as well.

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Maybe open the Chrome browser in the incognito mode and try to open the Quizlet set, just to be sure that it’s public.

For example, this url works for me if I try to import it with the add-on.

If you see “‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘group’”, try to press “Import Deck” a few more times. I received the error on the first try, but it worked the second time.



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Thanks for your suggestions. I tried to import your Classroom Japanese deck into Anki using the Improved Import From Quizlet add-on and the Quizlet url you provided. I got the same error several times: “sorry, this deck is private”. Since you have already confirmed that the Classroom Japanese deck is public, there must be a problem with the Add-on. It’s not working for me.
However, I did use Edit>Cards to look at the style template for the cards I imported from Quizlet manually. Nothing is defined there and it says the front (Japanese) side of the card is empty. What am I doing wrong? So I deleted the deck and re-imported it. I used the export function in Quizlet to copy the data with tab delimiters and pasted it into Notepad and save this text file. Then I opened Anki and used the built-in Import function under the File menu. This time I was able to see the hiragana. I have no idea why it failed last time, because I followed the exact same steps. Nothing is defined in the card template either:

In any case, I’ve got a deck I can start using now and I’ve learned a few things about Anki, but with a lot of questions about how the Anki algorhythm actually works. Is there a YouTube video that gives a good overview of how Anki works and how to configure it to meet your needs? For example, I find Quizlet perfect for learning new sets of vocabulary, let’s say in 50 words per set, as they appear in each chapter of Genki. But what Quizlet is not good at is periodically refreshing your memory for vocabulary already learned. So once I’ve learned the set of 50 well, I’d like to dump them into Anki to maintain long term learning. That requires a different set of reinforcement options rather than 1m, 10m, 1d, 4d. Anyway, if you know a good YouTube video on Anki, I’d appreciate your suggestions. But I consider this problem solved for now. Thanks again!

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I’m not knowledge enough to suggest anything. I can only recommend the official Anki Manual -

In addition, maybe the following YouTube videos.

Thanks very much for the suggestions. I will check out this material.

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