Change in font styling/formatting in recent update makes cards harder to read

Hello all
Been having this problem for awhile.
In the 12 months ago, at some point I updated something (I believe it was Anki itself) and ever since then, the formatting/styling for the text looks off.
Especially when bolding words, it just isn’t as noticeable to me and sometime I can’t tell if text is bolded or not. Italicized also look off.

I thought it might be a change in styling for a specific deck/card type but I have changed experimented changing card types and they all have the same issue.

I went on to an old PC I don’t use much which hadn’t been updated and took a screenshot of a card and also took a screenshot of the same on Anki on my current PC to show the difference. You can see one is much bolder than the other. Stupidly didn’t take a picture of an Italicized word to show the difference. I’ve linked to the screen shots.

Really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Edit: didn’t realize I can’t post links on here, if anyone has any ideas please help.

[You can just post the screenshots right in your message.]

I can’t tell if what you’re noticing is related to you having different fonts installed, or your video driver, or something else. Those screenshots will probably help.

Is this something you’re noticing on cards all from the same note type, or many different cards with no relationship to each other?

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Thank You for the response. I Copy/pasted below. The top pic is my current Anki.

I’m not sure it’s a video driver issue, as I also have this problem on my current laptop I am using and the one differentiating factor seems to be version on Anki each is running.

So I have many notetypes. I mainly use Anking Deck, so I switched the card between the various Anking notetypes, both the older/outdated notetypes and the newer ones.
The same exact note type on my old PC still is different between PCs.

I’m pretty sure if I was to export the deck from my old PC and import it onto Anki on my current PC with all add-ons disable, the problem would still be there.

I might sound crazy (and I don’t mind it) – but I am not sure those are the same font. I think they are very, very similar (as system fonts often are), and they might even be different editions of the same font, but I see differences in the shape of the lower-a, the shape of the dot on the lower-i. That would account for why the slant of the italic and the width of the bold are different as well. But maybe it’s just an artifact of the screenshots (or of the display being generated – see below) that’s giving me that impression?

There’s no reason to think those 2 computers have the exact same hardware though, right? I think that’s another pretty substantial differentiating factor that could make the video driver relevant. [Although admittedly, I know next-to-nothing about video drivers.]

But I’m getting confused about how many computers we’re talking about here – old PC, current PC, current laptop? Which ones look “right,” which ones look “wrong”? What OS and Anki version (and Qt version) does each one have [Help > About > Copy Debug Info - but leave off the add-on info for now]?

[You didn’t mention the other major differences between the 2 screenshots – like the dashes next to the answers, and the 3rd answer being underlined. Is there some reason those don’t seem like issues to you?]

It is possible that the toolkit that Anki is built on has changed the way fonts render at one point. I thought you might be able to use something like b { font-weight: 700 } or 900, but I can’t see a difference between them in the latest Anki on my system.

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