Changeing card text from bold to normal doesn't work

Hello together,

I just installed Anki 2.1.54 Qt6 and added some cards. I have now the problem that all the text is bold and I can’t change it. If I click on the “B” button, it’s still bold after aving the changes.
Has anybody an idea how to get normal text?

Thanks for your helo and best regards

Do you mean in the card browser or add card window?

For the given field, do you see any extra <b> tags in there if you click the </> button on the toolbar?


Hello Davo,

thanks for your help!
Both windows. There was no extra < b > but the button < / > was a good hint. There where some < h3 > on the wrong position and a lot of < div >. After correcting this the card looks good. I first thought I can change the font, font size and font look in the normal edit window I didn’t know that I have to look into the code.
Thanks again for your hint, that was good :grinning :grinning:

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