Issue with Chinese characters on Anki 2.1.34

I updated to Anki Version 2.1.34 (8af8f565) yesterday and I just noticed that Chinese characters look different now:
Before they looked like this (Anki 2.1.33):
I didn’t change the CSS, and I disabled all add-ons. Any idea how this could be fixed?

I don’t know why the font changed with the update but it’s usually a good idea to specify your font of choice in the style sheet. If you have done so, the specified font is probably not available on your device. You can either install it or add fallback fonts to your style sheet which the web viewer will try to use sequentially.

Yes, if you explicitly specify a font you should be fine. When you don’t specify one, the toolkit will provide a fallback one, and which one is selected can vary from toolkit version to toolkit version.

Thanks you two! I always used the default font, but I specified it now so everything looks good again.