A Font Recommendation for Anki Manual's Styling & HTML Section

Hey dae, I would like to suggest a change to the Anki Manual, specifically in the Styling & HTML section.

In the part, “This is particularly important when studying foreign languages, as Anki will sometimes be unable to correctly display characters unless an appropriate font has been chosen.”

I would like to suggest that you add the recommendation of Noto Font from Google Fonts. It’s an open source font, therefore accessible to everyone, which contains characters from dozens of foreign languages, i.e., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc. This can help people who have problems with display foreign characters.

Here it is: Noto Home - Google Fonts

That’s just a suggestion. Thanks for the great work on Anki.


That would require users to figure out how to embed the font into their collection or install it on their system, and might cause problems like this: Japanese characters show up as Chinese in the editor by default - #4 by dae. Having the user select a font that’s local to their system is probably an easier way to get started.

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