How do I reschedule cards to match with other cards of the same type?

Hi, I’ve downloaded this deck of 2K Japanese words. They came with 2 variations:

  • Kanji → definition
  • Reading → Kanji

Totaling up to 4K cards. Both these types of cards are bound together so, for example, both the cards for “刻む” is #2065

I then created a new type of card, “Definition → Kanji”, which further created 2K new cards. Now the total is 6K.

However, the new “Definition → Kanji” cards are out of sync with the other cards. “刻む” is #7065 instead of #2065.

How do I make these new cards match up with the old cards? Preferably without doing it manually since there are 2000 cards and it would take a while.


Ah the dreaded scheduling problems. Anki really should implement better solutions there.
I think for your specific case I have a solution for you:

  1. select all notes that have not been studied yet (note: notes, not cards. Leave the third card-type for notes where you already studied at least one card-type out of this selection)
  2. export these selected notes via Notes->Export Notes->Export Format: Notes in Plain Text
  3. Delete these selected cards in your current anki deck
  4. Reimport these cards via your exported text file. This will clump all card types together.

It really is a bit of a pain, but it should do the trick for you. Maybe look that the text file got exported in the correct order. The order of notes in this file will also be the same order you will come across these notes as new cards.

Does this procedure make sense to you? Let me know if I was not clear enough at points.

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Reposition will take care of placing siblings together, as can be seen in the last part of Anki 2: Switching Card Order - YouTube


That did it, super easy. Thanks!