How do I enable old colour palette?

Is there anyway I can use / enable the old colour palette? I find it way better than the new one (or is it the one my OS provides by default?) I am using Linux Mint 20.
Anki colour

I use dark mode & the colours I have encircled with yellow for example, look very beautiful in dark mode. It’s very easy to find them using the old colour palette & It’s just overall more versatile. Selecting custom colours is also more convenient with old palette. I really miss it in newer versions of Anki.
If at all it’s possible to switch back to the old colour palette, kindly provide the instructions to do so. Thanks.

Those color palettes are provided by the OS, not by Anki. On most platforms, the color dialog did not change.

It seems like the second one is the Qt color dialog, whereas the first is is your OS provided dialog.

Thank you very much for providing some insight. If I downgrade to 2.1.35 I get the Qt color dialogue but if I upgrade to 2.1.44 or latest I am presented with the newer colour palette. Same OS, nothing else changes.

This happened a few years ago as well. I don’t remember the version but after an upgrade I got the OS palette 🡢 subsequent update I was able to use the Qt one 🡢 1 more update & it went back to the default palette provided by the OS. At that time I had not changed anything in my OS, no upgrades, nothing.

I could downgrade to 2.1.35 right now & get back the preferred palette, in fact I did just that on my second computer, also running Linux Mint 20

I get it, Anki doesn’t ship with it’s own colour palette, but does it decides which one it wants to use? And if I can change that?

Thanks again

The code to invoke the color dialog was moved from Qt to the webview, which explains why it changed. Ultimately we probably want to provide our own dialog / mechanism for picking colors, so we don’t have to depend on OS whims.

It’s interesting that you mentioned that it changed before, maybe a similar issue/complaint existed before. @dae

Thank you for explaining it, I don’t know anything about writing a code, so unfortunately I can’t contribute. But is it possible that future versions of anki might be able to provide options regarding which color dialog to invoke? Like something a user might be able to opt for from available options (Qt / webview / anything else etc.)? Anki’s own mechanism also sounds great.

Maybe a similar complain existed before, but I was unable to find anything. In hopes of finding some answers, I searched for something similar before posting.

At one point we had to force either the system or Qt color dialog to work around a crash in Qt, which is why you may have seen a change in the past. Unfortunately there is not a simple fix for this at the moment, as Anki is now using a different method of popping up the selector, which doesn’t allow us to customize what is shown.