Linux desktop interface

Hello, I’m using Anki on Linux Mint desktop.
The interface is pure nightmare - I am unable to read black and dark blue text on a dark-grey background.
Where is the CSS file?!
Or how I can change the colors to the less user-hating?
There is some config page, but it is counter-intuitive - I’m unable to understand what they are talking about.

Anki’s interface is not supposed to have this color scheme. Either you are in light mode, and it should be black text over a white background, or you’re in dark mode, and it should be white text on a dark gray background.

Also, add-ons could be modifying this color palette: does this still happen without add-ons?

Once you’ve ruled that out, could you indicate exactly in which parts of the program you find this weird color theme? What are the steps to reproduce this?

It’s all in the manual.


Thanks for the reply. My Anki version, installed from our repo, was too old. I’ve installed a new version and could download add-ons and customize it.

One thing is still unsatisfactory: there seems to be no way to edit my cards in a text editor and load them into Anki as a local text file.


There is:

To reimport the raw .txt file, use the “Import File”-Button on the bottom of the main window.


Thank you!