Anki and anki web background is dark

I noticed a few days ago that the cards on ankiweb have a dark background all of a sudden and now the content on each card is hardly visible. Is this a new anki update and if not, how do I change it back to the original background color? I’m also experiencing the same issue on the anki downloaded on my Laptop. Please help

Is Anki‘s interface also dark? Did you edit the styling of your cards somehow?

the interface isnt dark. I haven’t edited any cards nor changed any of my anki settings recently, so I’m confused about how this happened.

Could you take a screenshot of the issue?

I noticed that this problem doesn’t exist with my anatomy deck (first photo). So far it seems as thought it’s only cards from the light year and anking v11 deck have this black background (2nd & 3rd photo). And even when my phone system or laptop is in light mode the problem still persists.

(Apologies for the somewhat graphic image.)

Your system seems to be running in dark mode (see browser interface), not all decks support dark mode.

I’ve had these decks for a while now and they didn’t have any issues regardless of the interface mode. The cards themselves have a dark background now in both dark and light mode and that is what I’m concerned about. It just changed out of nowhere and I’m unsure of how to get it back to original settings. And as stated before I’m experiencing this issue on both my mac and on AnkiWeb

like right now, my system is in light mode on my Mac. This is the background color instead of the original grey

Try changing the background color → Field Styling + Anki 2: Styling Cards - YouTube

Another solution is to use AnKing Note Types (Easy Customization) - AnkiWeb then manually change the card design in a easier way

don’t forget to migrate your cards to this new note type that you had chosen

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Okay thank you. And will all the cards under this note type change to the color I chose or will I have to do it for every card?

Once you migrate your cards to the newer note type, it will obey your note type style

Be creative and have fun making your own note type with this addon :slight_smile:

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