Dark Mode issues


  1. go to desktop version (Browser: Chrome)
  2. create NEW DEC
  3. add new cards (Basic Style) to deck by copy+paste text with BLACK font colour
  4. go to app in iphone (IP 12, iOS 16.7.1; App V. 2.0.96)
  5. go to settings and set app to dark mode
  6. go into NEW DEC and start studying

Expected: Card content is displayed in white/ visible font colour
Current: Card content is displayed in black and is therefore not visible

  1. go back to setting and set app to light mode
  2. go back to dec and start learning

Expected: card content is displayed in black font and is readable
Current: card content is displayed in black font and is readable

Note: Issue also occurs when dark&light mode is set automatically according to daytime

The same thing will happen if you enable night mode in the computer version of Anki.
I suggest rather than using AnkiWeb, you install the computer version and create your cards with it instead, as it may do a better job of filtering out the black color. Alternatively, you can use AnkiMobile’s Find&Replace feature to replace ‘color: rgb(0, 0, 0)’ with nothing.

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