How could i modify the card name? it's in non-english, thx

1st thx @ollevolle for cloze reveal 1 by 1, it’s robust and helpful, i completely rely on it.

however, i am writing a mindmanager macro to send info to ankiconnect, which i have to state the note type.

A. from note types it’s called this, (seems edit-ed by me)

B. but in browser, the card name is in non-english which may make it inconvenient to me.

  1. could i modify the card name to english? how?
  2. when i add this note type in ankiconnect, is it i should state that in A?
    then i better simply it. thanks

btw, his/her note type is here:

Hmm… Did you try to import version from github? …/foenixx/anki-incremental-reveal-card? It’s newer.

it’s very stable, so i didn’t check for new verisons.

will check out the new version.


the v1.5? i have been using it since its release!
thanks for that!

can any body help?

I am making new cards thru ankiconnect so i am now forced to create the native Cloze type instead of the ollevolle_reveal_1_by_1 as i dont think the ankiconnect (or my script or my system) can process non-english characters, thanks

hi, seems still negative.

even i del the card/note types then re-import the file from github,
the card name is still non-english.



  1. seems in AnkiConnect, i am going to type the name of that in “A”, which i can modify myself.
    that non-english in “B” has nothing to do with AnkiConnect’s create card

  2. If oneday i really want to get rid of that non-english, i tried i could simply clone the native Cloze, then copy the front, back and styling from O’s card to the ClozeModified.

almost solved for me, thanks