How to modify the card name? thx

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hi, since i copied the note type with different sort field,
i would like to modify the “Card” info.

I really dont find any way to change this.
Pls advise.
thank you.

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You can rename it from the Card Types screen.


thx, but in that box,
only “browser appearance” appeared for me:

i am in win10, qt6, anki 2.1.54… :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a Cloze notetype. There’s only one card template, and you can’t change its name. I suspect that Cyrillic just says “Cloze.”


i dnlded the cloze-one-by-one by an slavic speaking comrade,
i love this note type.

it came /w this card name.

as a med stduent now i want make TWO of this note type,
so that one will be sort by front, one will be sort by back.

however, currently BOTH show the above SAME card name which drives me crazy.

i am okay /w some non english non-my mother tongue character in my anki, however i just wanna have a way to differentiate the TWO.


This would be the same if you were using multiple different Cloze-in-English notetypes – all the card names would be “Cloze.” Wouldn’t it work to give them distinctive notetype names and use that to differentiate them instead?

Yes, you are correct! but this is WHY I ask for HELP!

i dnld-ed the special cloze-1-by-1 by my comrade, and I renamed it ClozeOv1.5. it show the above slavic language name.

then i copied the note type and renamed the one that sort field by another field:

the problem is, in the browser, both show up as that Cxxxxxx 1 card.

that’s the PROBLEM.

(pls forgive me, Crypxxxxx is too difficult a word for me, slav is much shorter).

may i ask what’s the version of anki you are using?
mine 2.1.54 dont have this option.

i think i got the answer, finally.
thanks all.

i think this is the answer but i dont have the intellegence to understand at the time i read the post, thanks.

The solution you reached sounds exactly like what I already suggested.

To show the “Note” column in the browser: Browsing - Anki Manual

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THANKs this is the solution.

I just dont know that NOTE = NOTE TYPE!

thank you.


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