Change formatting of a single field for all notes

Hi, after uploading a deck I made up I decided to change the ‘font-weight’ and ‘color’ of one of the three fields for all the notes. In ‘Browse’ I changed the first note field but how can I change the formatting of all the notes in that field all together? Changing the CSS in the Card Styling? Sorry, but I started recently with Anki and here in Italy it is not very well known. Thank you.

How many Note Types do you have? And you want to change them all?

There are 150 Notes Types and I would like to change at all the formatting. Only in one of the three fields.

Could you copy and paste your card template here, or post a screenshot? It would be helpful to see the HTML template of your cards. Something like this:

Thank you, I am sending you 3 indicative images. My goal is to change the formatting in the ‘Significato’ and ‘ModoDeDecir’ fields for all notes. I am not familiar with HTML code …

Basically I’d like to know how to set up different formatting for each field …

Thanks for posting your templates, that’s helpful. I suggest changing this line in the back template:



<span class="modo-de-decir">{{ModoDeDecir(1)}}</span>

Then, add something like this to the “styling” section:

.modo-de-decir {
  font-weight: normal;
  color: darkgreen;

I believe that should allow you to style that bit of text on your cards.

Edit: Similarly, you could replace



<span class="significato">{{Significato(2)}}</span>

and then add styling like

.significato {
  font-style: italic;
  color: purple;

Thank you! Surely your indications will be useful to me to familiarize myself with the HTML code.