A 2 Euro bountry to guide me to rename the card. thx

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i love this cloze-1-by-1 note type by my slavic comrade, but the inability to modify the name do cause confuse to me now as I have made a copy of the notetype and wanna sort by different sort fields.

I will really really appreciate any help on this, and there did, although not working.

As seen before, if a bountry will help, i could BARELY afford 2 euro for this thru paypal.

please, please, please ← repeated 3 times as this issue is really troubling my new study strategic planning. thanks


thread on the cloze:

my comrade:

Oct 2022

My version of incremental cloze card type is here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1874787050

thank you

detail here:

i didn’t play /w the browser much,
it seems i cant make the note type name a column in the browser, otherwise i could have that in the browser as the note type name is already different

ps i am on 2.1.54, win, qt6

ps, looks like that “card” item could not be customized,
because i ran into another note, which have 2 card (or vice versa).

it appear as :

so, what i now could wish, is that some browser addon will allow "note type name"to be displayed as a column.

thank you.

i will send 2 euro to myself thru paypal then.

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You don’t need to pay for help here. I’ll answer you in the other thread.


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