Anking cloze-one-by-one


Updated my anki a week ago and your cloze one-by-one (best thing that’s ever happened to me) does not respond (to clicking or ‘n’).

I “downgraded and quit” and rebooted with the last stable anki version and it was working again.

If it means never updating my anki again so be it (lol), but wondering if there was a solution/something in the works.

Thank you sir!:crown:

I uploaded a new version of the card type that works on the newer versions.



So after updating to 2.1.44, and using the April update for cloze one by one v2, I am having an issue.

Space bar, first cloze opens

N, opens all the remaining clozes

However if I click on the boxes one by one, it opens like it should.

My new one definitely works, but it may not be importing the note type changes into your profile because you already have the note type. Try testing it in a new profile on the new anki version and see if it works. If so I can explain how to fix it

This “opening all the remaining closes” was my fault.

New card type definitely works. When I add new notes, it works perfect.

I realized the problem was thatI made a small edit to your card type. (essentially added a lecture title Field so I could use frozen fields add-on). I think that may be the problem. When I go to “change note type”, the converted cards are hit or miss for working with ‘n’, they open all at the same time. I linked a sample deck for you. I hope there is something I can do to get my collection converted over to the new One-by-One and update my Anki.


I’m not 100% sure why it wouldn’t be working. Have you tried just changing all your note types to my note type?

I happened to have the same problem recently, so I made a template myself. I hope it can help you
Just change you own Cloze Template front content with my front.html

I’m having a similar problem to them; when I click space, the first cloze is revealed. However, depending on how often I have used the card, the other clozes would appear. So when it was the first time seeing the card, all the clozes would open one by one when I click n, the second time 2 clozes opened at a time, then all of them opened at once when I clicked n the third time I saw the card.