Cloze card one field at a time

How do I uncloze on field at a time which reading the answer ?
Could someone please guide me through this please .

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Revealing one cloze at a time on the same card is not possible with native Anki:

You can create multiple cards from one note though:

{{c1::This cloze is hidden on the first card}} and {{c2::this is hidden on the second card}}, {{c3::third card}} etc...

You can achieve what you want with JavaScript in your template, but you need a basic understanding of web dev for that (or download this add-on and learn its syntax).


Two options are out there, that I know of:

  1. YouTube: Anking - Cloze One by One

He provides a link below the video to a google drive, and explains how to download the card type. He also gives a demo. This is what I use. It’s sounds like you are looking for something like this.

  1. YouTube: Glutamate - Cloze overlapper

Watch the video. I do not use this, it’s slightly different in how it works. But worth checking out as an option. This is an add-on technically.


@Rathustra There are two process of this.

  1. One by One
  2. Cloze overlapper
    it’s up to which will work at that situation. :slightly_smiling_face:
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