Anki not showing some of my card types

Hello, im a Spanish user of Anki, so I use it in my language. One day I changed the language to English just to try if I felt more comfortable but I didn’t. When I came back to Spanish language, some of my card types had been duplicated (the same original card types of Anki were added but with the name in English) and I got this kind of error:

My basic notes (“basico”) split in “basico” and “basic” (because of using Anki in English). Most of them were moved to “basic” and a few of them (30) were left at “basico”

Now Anki says I have 30 cards in “basico” but in the explorer they are not shown.

Can someone help me?




seguramente el problema está en la tilde en Básico. Anki a veces no distinge los caracteres con tildes. Te sugiero renombrar el tipo de tarjeta a Basico. Probaré de recrear tu situación para ver exactamente que hace y poder prevenir el problema en el futuro. Es posible que afecte a más idiomas.

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It’s likely an issue with unicode normalization, and should be fixed in the alpha builds: