A language in the programme

You see, I’ve offered a friend of mine to use Anki, but after he registered al his cards types became written in English though he is russian. I mean,
As for me, I’ve never had such a problem. How to fix it?

It could be that you set up the program in English before you changed the language to Russian. Because note types are customizable (including their names), they will not change with the language setting. This also means you can still change their names manually. Go to Tools > Manage Note Types > select the one you want > Rename.

The actual thing that the programme was set in Russian initially. Yeah, I tried to do that on my Anki too (I mean, register new account and add it into the new profile). Note types can be changed, but how about these things (text and…)?

ah, they can be renamed too, I see. But still, how about setting it into Russian immediately after first sync?

If you are right about setting it up in Russian, then I am not sure about the cause of the error. Maybe it took the language preferences from the PC? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ In any case, because notes are so customizable, it would be hard for Anki to have settings to change it now. I’m not sure how syncing should be expected to have any effect. I would just change the labels to some suitable Russian equivalents (or look up what they should be).

With a bit of Google, it turns out Anki has backups of the default note types in case you need them again. On that ‘Manage Note Types’ menu, the add button should both have options to clone existing note types and add the defaults again. Presuming they aren’t also experiencing this issue, it’s just a case of adding the defaults in Russian and deleting the English ones.

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