HJP-bilink allow hyperlink INTO anki's card/note

It should obtain more attention!

And it just got updated, compatible to even 23.12.1

I am not the author, but this plugin is essential for me to make hyperlinking mindmanager ↔ anki.

(optional) I even donated several USD to the author as I really really appreciate this plugin.

I saw tons of people asking for this feature, however quite many are using Macs and this anki:// URL is not implemented on Macs however.
ps: why not use windows?

Many many thanks to the author.


This add-on is awesome and quite advanced(I found this earlier and thought it had a low number of ratings). But all the images are not visible because of broken links, and the Github description and support are all in Chinese, so perhaps it’s very difficult for beginners to use.

you may read my other post,
that for fragmented anki, i hyper to and from topics in mindmanager, in which the mindmap, as an anchor, binds the anki fragments. freeplane is an alternative to mindjet mindmanager, but likely not xmind. this is because the mindmap program need support hyperlink INTO the topic node of a mindmap. seems xmind dont support this.

this addon, however, not only work as the bridge, but can also work as the “mindmap” part, which i do not use and think is inappropriately overkill. i only appreciate it’s anki:// URL so i can hyperlink into anki card/notes.

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