I want to open anki from the outside

I want to open anki from the outside, I want anki to have a unique link to each card (using ccid), but I don’t know how to program, and the existing hj plugin only supports windows, and I’m mac, I want someone big enough to waste your time writing such a plugin or I have hookmark software, Whether there is a big guy can write a matching script.
I want anki to be integrated into my workflow so that I can make up for obsidian block instability (a little change and the link breaks).

+1, i want one for linux then too, thank you to the big guy.

btw, i am on windows, and i am using anki+obsidian+the plugin in the way you mentioned.

then why use mac?

in anki each card and note have a unique id (which anki internally refers to as cid and nid respectively).

the addon AnkiConnect allows external software send information or trigger some actions in Anki.

There are some published scripts that rely on AnkiConnect, e.g. glutanimate’s python script anki-cli-remote which can open the browser with custom searches (and you can search for card/note ids (Searching - Anki Manual)).

For MacOS you could google for “applescript ankiconnect”

If needed and even if you’re not a programmer you could (try to) adjust code snippets you found with chatgpt.


the OP mentioned an anki addon “hj” very briefly,
it’s from CHINA/Chinese (this should be a neutral sentence, but probably not nowadays, depend on where/who you are)
it only works in windows at the moment.

it register anki:// as URL handler,
and let you click on any link like anki://card=?cid23423423234 and anki will show it automatically.

this registration need admin right, and thus must use install version of anki.
the addon is open source, so i trusted it… i have no other choice.

this hyperlinking let me link anki to my other apps together:

anki, mindmanager/xmind, obsidian, PDFxce

the addon is free but i did sponsor him/her for a bottle of water.
i cant live without it.

btw, when clicking the above anki:// link, anki will show it up as to review, NOT to edit/browse it.

so, it’s another level to what other scripts ijgnd mentioned.

hj plug-in only supports windows system, but I am a mac MAC, and I have hook this software, but it is not suitable for anki, hey, listen to the above @ijgnd advice, I use alfred anki script, but it is still helpless in my opinion, if there is deep link good

  1. your english is worse than chatgpt, you can paste inside and ask it to repharse for OTHER people, for me e.g.

  2. why use mac? windows got much more people to use, so the poor chinese student of the hj plugin could develop for windows; he likely cant afford a Mac.