Link to a note/card from external app?

Is there anyway to link to a specific note/card within Anki Desktop from an external app?

I’d love a tighter integration between my note taking app and Anki, where I can link to the cards I’ve created, and easily navigate directly from the original notes to those created in Anki.

Usually I’d expect x-callbacks to be able to do this sort of thing (on macOS), but I see x-callbacks are only utilised by AnkiMobile. Any work arounds that might be possible?

Anki doesn’t have such a feature at the moment - the closest you’ll get is to to give each of your traditional notes an ID, then add a field to your Anki notes that specifies the id, so you can search for it.

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the hjp link master addon by some chinese students got it, for windows only however.

it uses the ankilink:// URI

however the addon is NOT working on my current v2.1.54.
seems it’s abandoned.

those URI’s are tough.

on windows i saw mindmanger use it, obsidian use it.

obsidian seems is the only software that i encoutered that could support that URI in EVERY platform.

ps: still got updates hjp-linkmaster: 🧷 思维导图. mind graph, roaming reviewer, bilinker - AnkiWeb
Supported Anki versions:

  • 2.1.45-2.1.61+ (Updated 2023-04-11)

partly my fault.

hjp’s link master IS still working! on v2.1.54 but need INSTALL version of anki,
cant use the portable version.

yes, after one time ran anki as admin,
the ankilink:// URI is regiestered to the system,

and now i can Rt click on any card,
choose copy as hyperlink (among 5 types of links like markdown etc),
paste into mindmanager.
the hyperlink is with card-id built in ,
so even the addon later sucks,
you just revert back to as #2 say.

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