Link/Relate a Card with another card or set of cards

Is there a way or add-on to facilitate a link from 1 card to another card?
… from 1 card to ‘n’ cards?

Thank you.

Try this add-on: link Cards Notes and Preview them in extra window - AnkiWeb

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Thank you.
The hyperlink only works from the “preview” status of the card (or while studying it) but not from the browse window.

But, it somewhat helps.

Thank you very much.

my add-on deliberately doesn’t modify your notes by embedding hyperlinks because for some people they got lost when copying and pasting on windows, these depend on the current version of anki and are not future proof (for different toolsets or mobile).

What you can do in the editor (which is shown at the bottom of the browser): When you double click regular text like nidd1234567890123 in your editor (with the default settings of my add-on and as long as no other add-on interferes and as long as you have installed the add-on “opening the same window multiple time”) the note should be opened in a new EditCurrent window. if you double click on something like cid1234567890123 this card (if it exists etc.) will be shown in a preview window.