Should there be a method to create hyperlink of cards?

Sometimes I need to connect several cards to make connection of different knowledge points.So should Anki have a function of hyperlink of card.I have used addon,but it isn’t convenient and intuitive enough.


I don’t understand. Could you provide an example?

For example, If you’re studying a language and you have multiple cards for a grammar item. Or if you are studying something that contains something, like a kanji and its radicals (which are also Kanjis).

Lately I’ve been using Logseq Flashcards feature to study short-term exams and It’s graph approach It’s much better when you are learning instead of remembering.

yeah the add on allows preview only, not do-ing the card.

we can copy the nidd/cidd and put into browser but it’s too manual.


I plan to add the feature “rate from preview” around March, it’s been on the top of my add-on todo list, see Suggestion: rate from preview · Issue #9 · ijgnd/anki__preview_card_edit_note_in_extra_window_linked_from_reviewer · GitHub

I used addon “link Cards Notes and Preview them in extra window” to create hyperlinks in my Footnotes field of my card. Whenever I get a duplicate I then copy/paste the CID of all the duplicates into the footnote of all the duplicates; it links to all cards having same Front field info. Also I have a deck (i.e. a dictionary) that I never study but use as a linkable reference because it has multiple definitions, parts of speech, sounds, etymology, picture, etc…way beyond what I want on my flashcard but nice to have local click…get reference. I keep the duplicates because sometimes just one field – esp. if it is the sorting field – is duplicated but the note belongs to a special deck or a deck that I do not want to change or have only linked by tags. I also use addon “Add Hyperlink” for both field and my footnote field (which is really a Hint: field that I renamed) to link to web sources.

|                                            |
| ...                                        |
| Anki: cidd1607994963852, cidd1605671840880 |
| Dictionary: cidd1607627380264              |
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Thanks for you share.This is really a nice strategy.
But I want Anki support hyperlink like notion or obsidian.Obviously, hyperlink provided by application itself is more powerful and intuitive than addon.

that’s called URI,

obsidian URI or advanced obsidian URI are good.

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re-asked today by me:

applications like obsidian, onenote allows using URI to reach individual text blocks.

i am no programmer and not wanna make it happen, but i am just curious.

is it possible but no manpower or is it IMPOSSIBLE?


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I’ve postponed the feature “review from card preview” because that’s a big feature and I do not have the time for it.

I haven’t used it but hjp-linkmaster seems to have this feature.

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