Links cards together

I think most of us agree that flash cards apps like anki with all the benefits that they have have some fundamental issue and that is losing the bigger picture. Flashcard apps turn information into such a little piece of data that through time and process of learning it will be hard to connect this information together and see everything as a whole.
But some add ons like ‘‘hjp-bilink: a manual link tool, for chain the cards together| hjp-bilink: 手工双链插件’’
Help to reduce the plain of this problem by linking cards together. But unfortunately this method only works on anki desktop not Android and it is prone to breaking upon anki updates. So is it possible to integrate this feature into anki and ankidroid?

I could live without linking *), but we all are different.

*) the beauty with tags is that you suddenly find connections you didn’t expect and learn rather than having fixed links done by others.