Exchange idea on solving "data fragmentation" problem using mindmap and hyperlinks

I am sure anki helps in memorizing a specific bit of info,
and people sometimes complaining that when anki test you on info A,
it’s good to try ask you on RELATED info B.
yet this is hard to deliver currently.

I think of a way that i think it works,
and wish to share and ask for feedback, “exchange ideas on”, i mean.

currently, i wrote my notes using mindmanager. and each node is with a unique “oid” – object id.

and as you know, each anki have a unique cidd/nidd.

mindmanager provide the URL handler mj-map:// which you can place a hyperlink in anki cards, click on it, and windows will go to the specific NODE with mindmanager.

an anki plugin hjp-link, when using on windows, provide ankilink:// URL handler,
so that you can put a hyperlink in the mindmap NODE, click on it,
and windows will open it with anki, yes it will.

for the above example,
suppose you do a card on acromegaly’s investigation today,
you can simply click and click to navigate between the anki card and the mindmap NODE.

IF you want to study relavant info, you could simply browse to the mindmap,
click to show ONLY nodes that labelled with the anki.icon, and IF you want to do it,
simply click on it, they will be opened in hjp-link’s previewer and you can “do/rate” on it.

in this way,
anki help you memorize the fragment of info,
yet allow you to have an overview thru mindmap.

to facilitate this,
i wrote the MM2AK addon which automate partially.
the only thing that didn’t automate is

  1. the answer part only contain 1 NODE, and not the tree of nodes, as at first i afraid the tree of nodes is too complex; also i wanna use mindmanager’s filter too. (i.e. complex)
  2. cant automatically update from the map to the anki card.

ideas wellcome,
thank you.

ps the hjp-link indeed have a “graph” build in, which let you define which cards are related,
but i’ll say by chance that this could be handled by mindmanager which is a very good program.


It quite surprise me that no one talks about using mindmap /w anki.

recently. GPT can even summarize the text for me, into mindmanager mindmap like this:

And that TREE, could be copied, turned by python into HTML-collapasible TREE text, and paste into anki:


It is in this way that my mindmap could be read on ankidroid.

My flow of info is:

PDF/else → mindmap → anki,
and /w the hyperlinks, PDF/else ↔ mindmap ↔ anki.

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