Would love to see mindmanager able to use anki as a SR engine


I really love mindmanager (i’ll stay in v2020 as later version need online/go on line per month, you know the reason).

even i can add tags/notes to topics like “lv1, C, timestamp” to the topics to partially implement AR, SR usage.

but of cause if it can hook up to anki as an “engine”, it’s even better.

long way to go through.


Most, if not all of the integrations that happens with Anki are done by volunteers:

Obsidian for instance: GitHub - reuseman/flashcards-obsidian: 🎴 An Anki plugin for Obsidian.md

Logseq: Anki Integration

Notion: https://2anki.net

Freeplane: Anki Integration

I doubt someone will make a plugin/add-on for an app which is paid 100$/year (student “discount”: 60$ only for US and Canada), especially when there is free alternatives out there like Freeplane and Diagrams.net

Obsidian, Logseq, and Notion have mind mapping plugins too, but they aren’t present in the list of mind mapping tools

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yeah, however mm have quite many things that other mindmap softwares dont support.

the most close one will be ithoughts, but not popular.

xmind is 1 file many maps, while others are mostly 1 file 1 map.
1 file 1 map is more reasonable.

for myself mm is the “centre” of information flow, surrounded by anki, pdf editors etc.

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