[VBA, showcase] Mindmanager MindMap -> Anki, half of the selling point of Marginnote3

hi, the following just shows a mindmap with 2 topics, each with note text, subtopics, tags.

The format of mindmap to use with this macro:

selected topic (contain Q) — 1st subtopic (contain A) — (anything below got neglected)

— (only 1st subtopic is send as answer, other thing neglected)

on a Rt click to “topic context menu”, you can choose to run the macro.

it ask 1. which deck to save to (thru AnkiConnect) and 2. what note type (Basic/CLoze).

then it will send as you would do it in person, in additon:

  1. also send the selected topic’s unique oid link to anki and made as a click-ready hyperlink back to the selected topic

  2. the anki’s note id is also pass-ed back to the selected topic. by the anki addon hjp-linkmaster a click-able link is made into the selected topic (you see the IE icon).

in this way they are bi-linked, mindmanager use uinique oid, anki use unique note id

suggestions wellcome. thx

cross reference: mindmanager user forum

i see this with some impact.

oh, i just worry this “development” is about anki’s…
this certainly is not an anki addon so i don’t post there.

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