Help: "Type Answer" hiding Hebrew vowels

I am starting to use a second deck with a Type Answer feature in AnkiMobile, so I had to toggle the global “Never Type Answer” setting to off.

However, my main deck now shows me the answer (in Hebrew) without vowels, which I need to see. It’s borderline useless without the vowels.

I am using the “Hebrew” note type from the shared deck: “Modern Hebrew (Alphabet, Duolingo, Hebrew from Scratch)”. I’ve tried editing everything I could find related to “type” in the note, but nothing resolves this problem.

On Anki Desktop this isn’t a problem – the vowels are shown (nothing’s changed).

Any help would be much appreciated! I’d be happy to share the note coding as well.

The comparison text should be the same on both platforms. As I don’t speak Hebrew, would you mind including some sample text and screenshots so I can try to reproduce the issue using your AnkiWeb collection?

Yes, thank you in advance!

Here’s a screenshot with “Never Type Answer” toggled off. The Hebrew word is above the definition and the vowels are missing (this is the problem). There are Hebrew words below with vowels, but that’s not the main Hebrew word from the card:

Here’s the same card with “Never Type Answer” toggled on. The Hebrew word now has vowels, as it should. (it’s also a bit smaller for some reason, but that isn’t a problem to me):

The front of the cards are identical (except for the type answer space).

Is this everything you need to see?

Thanks again.

This appears to be something the deck author has done deliberately. Removing the following text from your card template will allow the vowels to be seen:


var reg = document.getElementsByClassName("reg")[0];

var strip = reg.innerHTML.replace(/[\u0591-\u05C7]/g,"");

//document.getElementsByClassName("cur")[0].innerHTML =

reg.innerHTML = strip;


Thanks dae, but unfortunately this text seems to only be on the Front Template of the Hebrew to English note type (Ivt:Eng), I don’t see it on the English to Hebrew note type (Eng:Ivt). I only really use the English to Hebrew note type. Sorry if I should have clarified this before.

If it helps, here is the Front Template text on the Eng:Ivt note type:





Ok, so it turns out this is happening because a user back in 2018 requested that niqqud be stripped from the field before comparing the answer, so they could type the word without vowels in. I’ll have to either remove this or move it behind an option so that AnkiMobile is consistent with the other clients.

In the mean time, if you’re not interested in typing in the answer for these cards, you should be able to work around it by changing {{type:Hebrew}} to {{Hebrew}} in the back template, and removing {{type:Hebrew}} from the front template.

Thanks again dae, this fix does seem to work. In terms of the long-term fix, I can see how many people would want to type the word without vowels, that’s an important option, so it would be great if that could be retained for other users.

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