AnkiMobile Issues/Bugs

Hey there! I’ve recently downloaded the AnkiMobile app. I’ve imported a deck of cards, and have been having some issues that I hope people could help me with.

  1. Verb conjugations don’t show up even though they’re in the card data. If I edit the card (with or without changing anything), save it, and visit the card in the future, the conjugations show up and persist. I’ve tried syncing, restarting, updating, etc. These cards were sync to the mobile app, so I didn’t create them here.
  2. Dark mode doesn’t turn the text of the card white like it should. It ends up being black-on-black. I’m assuming that’s a bug?
  3. Switching to the English portion of a card is cumbersome. A single tap doesn’t work to switch over. Instead, I have to long press for a second or so to get the button to work. Unfortunately, if I hold for too long, then it selects the button text instead of triggering the button. Is there a setting for that? Or is that another bug?

Thanks for your help!

For the second issue, your deck may not have a styling for the dark mode.
You can try changing the CSS like this (or just changing the color to white in case you have it always in dark mode).

These issues all seem to be with the deck.

Decks are made by normal Anki users like you and me, and if there are issues with the deck, they would need to fix it and update it. Which means if you want those issues fixed or have questions, you would need to contact the creator of the deck.

Unfortunately sometimes deck authors release decks with custom styling that does not work across platforms/modes :frowning:

  • You can fix the black text issue (which is also visible in the computer version when in night mode) by searching for " color: #0c0201;" in the styling section of the card template (the “Cards…” button while editing a card in the computer version). Once located, removing that line should fix it.

  • Replace class="tabs" on the back template with class="tabs tappable" to fix the tapping issue

If you could point me to a card that exhibits the conjugation issue and tell me exactly what I should be looking for, I’ll take a look to see if the problem is apparent.

Thanks, everyone! I didn’t realize there was so much customization with the cards!

I was able to solve the conjugation problem. Whoever created the deck was running a script to separate the conjugation fields by the comma, and then recreating those into strings with a comma and a space since it was lacking the space in the card field. I exported the cards to a CSV, added the space, and uploaded the new cards. I also removed the script and just added the field where it needed to go.

Your other suggestions (for the black text and tappable) worked like a charm! Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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