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Bugs on iOS Anki

  • Dark mode doesn’t change some colors such as dark green font to a legible one.

  • Weird refresh bug that causes the whole screen to redraw. AnkiDroid doesn’t seem to have this problem. The stutter is very distracting.

Neither the computer version of Anki nor AnkiMobile alter coloured text in night mode, instead leaving it up to the user to choose a colour they want. Eg if your field on the front or back is

<div class=pinyin>{{Pinyin.1}}</div>

Then you’d add something like the following to your styling:

.nightMode .pinyin { color: #00cc00;}

Regarding the refresh issue, are you referring to the brief flash shown when revealing the answer? I agree that’s a problem, and it’s on the todo list to resolve.

The refresh issue seems to have been solved on Mac desktop with the most recent version.

Since Anki uses HTML/CSS, does it have something to do with stopping page reloads? i.e. is the Anki card rendered as a page?

So does this mean it is also fixed for the iOS version?

Why don’t you give it a try and tell us? :slight_smile: There was flicker caused by waiting for images to load, and a fix for that was applied to both platforms IIRC.

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Ah, the fade is a good compromise for this. I had refunded the app originally because of this issue, but now it’s good enough for me to switch to iOS.