A problem with color on iPad/Mac (using dark-mode)

Below I’m using a color package with Latex to give the text different colours. The Latex-text is saved as a png (I believe) - why this should be universal to all pictures. I’m unsure whether this problem prevails for coloured ‘normal-anki-text’.

Does this have to do with how resp. Anki and AnkiMobile each use dark-mode? I don’t know if this is a problem without dark-mode.

I’ll try my best to provide the context necessary, if you just ask in the comments:) Thanks!

I’m afraid I’m not sure what you’re asking, or what the two images are trying to demonstrate. Could you please explain the problem in more detail?

The above two pictures are of the same text (the same card even).
The first is displayed on my Mac, the second is displayed on my iPad.
Both my Mac and iPad use the anki-configuration ‘dark mode’ (or what’s equivalent, I’m not quite sure of the word). These produce different outcomes. This is inhibiting my ability to accurately display pictures (and have uniformity).

Is there a fix for this (or does it have to do with my OS)?

Ah, I see. I’ll fix this in the next update so it’s consistent; for now, you should be able to fix it by adding the following to your card styling:

.nightMode .latex { filter: invert() !important }
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Thanks dae,
and thanks for updating the software!
It’s very much appreciated:)
Kind regards

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