Update to v3 Scheduler Breaks Hebrew Voweling

Hey folks,

After updating to the v3 scheduler tonight, the Hebrew text in the app isn’t displaying correctly. The various vowels and dots should appear as part of the text, not as separate characters, and not be counted as right or wrong in terms of spelling. However, since the update, they’re displaying like the below (the smaller text at the bottom is how things should appear):

Is this something I can adjust settings to fix? FWIW, it looks like the same issue now exists on the desktop version of the app.

I realize that I can turn the vowels off completely for Hebrew, but that doesn’t solve the issue since I then don’t know how the word is pronounced.

Thank you!

The preferences>review>strip Hebrew vowels option was on by default in the past, and not configurable. So if you turn it on, you should see the same behavior you were seeing in previous AnkiMobile releases.

Oh, interesting, I didn’t realize it was stripping the vowels in the past since they were there most of the time. I’ll try that, thanks!

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