HELP ! Sharing my anki decks with a friend - will is affect my deck


My friend has asked to use download my anki decks, but i’ve had problems in the past with my anki decks dissappearing so I just wanted to check before I sent them over.

I have exported all my decks as a .apkg, with media but without the scheduling.

If I send this over to my friend and they download it, will it change any of my decks ?

Attached is a screenshot of what I exported -

Thank you in advance for your help,

No, it won’t affect your own decks. So long as you aren’t sharing your AnkiWeb password your decks are safe.


Thank you so much for your response.
So just to check -

  • they will have a copy of my decks but it wont affect my deck
  • they won’t be getting any of the progress I made in the decks
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Based on the screenshot you posted, that’s correct!


So .apkg is for sharing to a friend and .colpkg is for backing up my collection incase I lose my cards ?

Sorry for all the questions :slight_smile:

That’s what “Anki Manual” says. You can access it by clicking on “Help” then “Guide”.

“When you export all decks with scheduling included, this is called a ‘collection package’. Anki will copy your entire collection into a file ending in .colpkg, and place it on your desktop. A collection package is used to back up your collection, or copy it to another device.”