Exporting my deck and sharing

I am trying to export anki decks I have to email and share with someone. Each time he uploads it to his anki account it is still connected to my account. This obviously does not work because when he resets the history or changes cards it does the same to my set.

How do I share my deck with this one person and have it not be connected to mine?

Also, is there a way to revert my deck to before it was reset?


That sounds really weird…

Are you exporting your .apkg file with scheduling information?
Are you 100% sure that you’re not connected to the same account?



I am definitely not logged into the same account. I am trying to share the cards without the schedule and not associated with my own. The person it was shared with was able to change my set’s schedule though.

Exported decks are not connected to AnkiWeb or your device. If a user imports a deck you shared and makes changes, those changes won’t arrive in your Anki unless either:

  • they either export the deck again and you subsequently import it, or
  • you have shared AnkiWeb login details with them, or they with you

Assuming you’ve done neither of those things, it won’t be possible for them to change your scheduling, and there is likely some other explanation for whatever changes you’re seeing. To get back to the state you expect, you may be able to recover from an automatic backup: