Overriden Anki decks

Hi there,
I exported an anki deck to my friend so she could use my cards AS WELL as hers, however, when she accpeted the import button and imported my deck, it completely overrode her previous anki decks (which she made a lot) and completely replaced it with my deck (which included my stats- which is not useful for her revision!!)
we tried to find out where her deck could be, but we have no idea - she didnt have an account when she was initially making her decks as well.
Is there any way we could get her decks back?

She should restore from an automatic backup ASAP. Backups - Anki Manual

[Next time, you shouldn’t export something for someone else that includes your scheduling – Exporting - Anki Manual – and she should take more care during import – Packaged Decks - Anki Manual .]

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Your friend needs to export an .apkg file: Exporting - Anki Manual

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